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A-Map – Qatar Office


A Leading Supplier of Solite Battery in Doha, Qatar




A-MAP started its operations in Qatar back in 2016 with a distribution facility in Doha. A-MAP not only distributes products, it distributes excellence. We have a series of successful and well known trusted brands worldwide, among them being Solite Batteries, Asimco Batteries and Sebang Batteries.
Qatar’s economy is one of the richest economies in the world based on GDP per capita.

A-MAP is a trusted battery and auto-spare parts distributor in the UAE. We are focused on providing wholesale battery requirements to businesses and other government-owned companies across the UAE.

Our motto of not only distributing auto part, but delivering excellence has made us the most trusted Solite battery dealer in Qatar. We supply different brands and types of automotive batteries to an extensive list of satisfied clients.


With the willingness to go that extra mile, A-MAP treats all its clients with respect and offers unmatched customer services. Our years of experience has led us to becoming a global market leader in the distribution of quality and reliable aftermarket automotive spare parts.



High performance, maintenance free, and easy handling are only a few of the most amazing benefits of Solite battery.

A-MAP provides quality Solite battery in Doha, Qatar. We provide exemplary auto-batteries and excellent auto spare parts. As leading Solite battery suppliers in Qatar, we promise to serve technologically advanced, zero-maintenance auto batteries, tested and approved by our well-trained automotive experts, and built according to international standards.


Being the most trusted Solite battery supplier in Qatar, A-MAP offers a wide range of premium Solite batteries. A highly reliable automotive battery, Solite satisfies the car enthusiasts across the globe under any circumstance.


In fact, Solite is now the major OEM supplier to Hyundai and KIA motors, which speaks volumes of its superior quality.



Top Features of Solite Battery


As mentioned above, Solite battery comes packed with amazing benefits, such as:


• Maintenance Free

Due to the calcium-based compound metal, Solite has a remarkably long life-span. The compound lowers down the use of electrolytic solutions and thus, reduces self-discharge. This way, there is no need to ever refill the solutions to maintain a stable performance.


• Better Performance and Longer Lifespan

For better performance, the internal segment of the Solite battery is framed with rust-free calcium metal that exhibits brilliant heat resistibility and delivers optimum performance against drastic temperamental change. As it is a maintenance-free battery, there is no need for electrolytic solutions refilling.


• Built-in- Indicator

Solite is a highly reliable automotive battery with optimum assurance. This improved auto-battery has built-in-indicator that reminds the level of the electrolytic solution, providing easy self-inspection opportunities.


• Easy Handling

Makes it easy for the car user to carry the battery around for repair or exchange.

• Stable engine operation

The entire built is based on the super polymer, lower-resistance separator, and casting terminal called COS for denoting product lifespan and improving charging and discharging efficiency. This way, the battery performs strong and steady engine operations with ease.


Why choose A-MAP for Solite battery in Doha, Qatar?


We offer an extensive range of auto-batteries to fit most passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and SUVs. Serving as a leading Solite battery supplier in Qatar, we have a strong national network in many states and territories to provide voluminous service.


We are UAE’s trusted battery dealer and are committed to providing quality auto products, expert advice, and training regarding auto-battery and auto-spare parts. We have organized battery training workshops for Sharjah Municipality, the Fasttrack team, and many other customers.


In order to provide innovative solutions and keep up with the reputation as the best Solite battery supplier in Qatar, we strive to deliver optimum products and professional fulfillment.


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If you are looking for a knowledgeable and trustworthy battery supplier, feel free to contact us!


A-MAP Trading L.L.C.

Type 5, Barwa commercial Avenue, Doha-Qatar
PO BOX: 18698
CR: 77798
Behind wakalath Street, Industrial area

Contact Person


Name: Mr. Ali Raza
Designation: Sales Manager
Contact: 00971-502885526
Email: ali.raza@a-map.net

Name: Nousheer TT
Designation: Sales Executive
Contact: +974-33514780
Email: nousheer.thidathil@a-map.net

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