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Volcan Battery

It comes fully factory-fresh, ready to use - no need to charge or add liquid, you can use it instantly after installing it in the car. During the usage, there is no need to top up with any electrolyte liquids. With an optimized grid design and an active material developed to withstand aggressive conditions, Volcan automotive batteries deliver exceptional performance even under harsh weather conditions. The strong polypropylene container with the advanced lead-calcium alloy, special diachylum method, anti-acid mist filter plate and vibration resistance make this battery an ideal choice. It's low self- discharge, vibration resistance, low water loss and excellent cold starting capability make it extremely easy to maintain. Some of the key Volcan battery characteristics:- MAGIC-EYE INDICATOR: Easy to check battery charge state. DUST-PROOF FLAME ARRESTER: Prevents explosion caused by overflow of sulphuric acid or sparks. COVER: Equipped with special internal anti-spillage structure, the battery has the excellent performance of leak resistance, ventilation, anti-explosion, overcharge protection, and so on. HEAT SEAL TECHNOLOGY: Heat sealed design to maximize strength and rigidity to prevent electrolyte leakage.

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