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Spare Parts

We supply an extensive range of spare parts for all your automotive parts and accessory needs. These include brake pads, brake shoes, fuel pumps, shock absorbers, horns and rubber parts.

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MALCORP is a consortium that comprise a group of dynamic companies, each specializing in the manufacture and production of an extensive range of automotive, industrial and general rubber products.

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RBI is a professional automotive rubber parts manufacturer and exporter with 35 years of industrial expertise. It is committed to provide worldwide customers with a wide range of reliable quality products at most competitive price.

Product Line

Arm Bushing, Suspension Bushing

Insulator Engine, Engine Mounting

Shock Absorber Mounting, Center Bearing

Link Assy, Stabilizer Shaft Rubber

Spring Shackle Rubber, Strut Bar Rubber

Grommet Steering Rack, Bumper Bound

Shock Absorber Bumper – Polyurethain material

Dics Brake Seal Kits

Steering Gear Boot – Drive Shaft Boot

Shock Absorber Mounting

Shock Absorber Bumper – Microcellular Elastomer Polyurethane

RBI Product

Link Assy, Stabilizer Link

Insulator Engine, Engine Mounting

Center Bearing

Arm Bushing, Suspension Bushing

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A-MAP (Al Muqarram Auto Parts) is your one-stop solution and a perfect home for Asimco Brake Pads, Brake Shoes and other spare parts. A-MAP is a leading supplier and distributor of Asimco Brake Pads and Asimco Brake Shoes across the globe. Browse through the product information and specifications mentioned in the Asimco Brake Pads Catalogue for more details.

Asimco has established a precedent for developing and manufacturing premium friction products. Asimco is highly recognized for its excellent quality products since its introduction to the automotive market in 2001.

Products under its portfolio include brake pads, brake shoes, fuel pumps, brake fluid, disc rotors and shock absorbers. Over the years, Asimco’s quality has supported the strong growth in market share and is sold in almost 65 countries. Asimco brake pads and shoes are designed to give drivers amazing brake feel with the longevity you expect from a premium brake product. Asimco product is sold as a kit when servicing a vehicle; it includes premium shims manufactured by MSC to reduce braking harmonics to almost an inaudible level. Where applicable, the hardware is anodized to increase the life of accessory components to prevent rust and stop various road conditions from degrading the lifespan of the product.


Brake pad – regular

Brake pad AT

Brake Fluid – Dot3

Brake Fluid – Dot4

Brake Shoe

Shock Absorbers

Fuel Pumps

Brake Discs


Clutch Discs

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