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There’s no abiding success without commitment. Therefore, A-MAP is highly enthusiastic in protecting the environment and made community engagement an essential part of our strategy. We believe in perfection and engage ourselves in social activities to ensure the best performance while keeping the environment safe.

Safe Environment

We ensure “safety first” techniques to establish the safest environment in the warehouses. We provide workplace safety training to all of our employees including Health and safety, Occupational safety, proper usage and supply of safety gears and hygiene kits to ensure our workers remain safe. The Proper Waste Management System is also fully operational at all of our facilities.

Misison Content


A-MAP focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility, we believe that everyone including businesses have an obligation to undertake recycling initiatives. Hence in the pursuit of making the environment “greener”, and in an effort to reduce our carbon footprints, we have taken some bold steps by disposing of all our scrap batteries in an eco-friendly manner and by recycling our collected waste materials to help protect trees by recycling waste paper.


A-MAP is actively involved in educating our clients and making sure to deliver product know-how and information related to the usage and safety precautions and procedures to reduce and minimize any type of hazards.

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