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Distribution Facilities

Distribution of products is A-MAP’s core business. Ensuring a distribution of the highest standard is key to maintaining streamlined availability which has led to the company’s success.

Domestic Distribution Facility

This warehouse is located in the Emirates of Sharjah which facilitates timely domestic distribution, having equal distance to all seven Emirates. Another strategic benefit is that it has easy access to both major ports in the UAE – Jebel Ali Port and Port Khalid. Built over 40,000 square feet with a storage area of about 120,000 square feet, it has a multi-tier stocking facility and can accommodate loading/offloading from seven bays at any given point. State of the art ‘Warehouse Management Solution’ has been implemented that cuts down the handling time to the lowest possible time frame in the industry, resulting in the least human error and intervention.

Re-export Distribution Facility

The launch of the re-export distribution facility in September 2011 was a proud moment for A-MAP. With the core intentions of providing best services and products to our valued customers overseas, this facility was built in Jabel Ali free zone. A large number of brand items are stored at this facility which holds the capacity of over 255 containers and has an area of 68,000sq feet. The facility has high international standards which includes, 24/7 security CCTV surveillance, ramps, loading unloading docks for containers, firefighting system and fire exit doors for trucks and staff to ensure the safety of people along with cargo.
Our inventory management system is fully equipped with technology and resources that include quality control, arranging goods, picking orders, packing, loading, unloading, order fulfillment and returns processing. With a high level inventory system comes an advanced level of machinery for handling material to accomplish our vision on time.

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