Quality Auto Spare Parts Wholesalers & Supplier in Dubai

A-MAP (Al Muqarram Auto Parts) is part of the AL MUQARRAM Group, which is a leading name in the business world, with over 50 years of experience as a prominent distributor and supplier of different commodities and products.

Al Muqarram Auto Parts is your one-stop solution and a perfect home for auto parts, performance parts, batteries, rubber parts, tyres, lubricants and other Automotive accessories.

At A-MAP, a prominent auto spare parts wholesaler in Dubai, you can be sure that you buy authentic auto spare parts and get highly satisfying services to go with our broad selection of auto spare parts at a reasonable price range. Every automotive that we offer comes with a full warranty, and our experts stand behind our auto spare parts to 100%.

A-MAP is a leading auto parts exporters in Dubai. A-MAP is an automotive aftermarket supplier of choice. We provide our customers with excellent auto spare parts, exemplary services and values of international standards by well trained automotive experts and empowered staff.

With more than 15 years of experience in the extremely competitive market of Dubai, A-MAP has built a resilient and progressive reputation in front of the clients and suppliers.

To better serve our clients and provide them with a better range of products, A-MAP specializes in the complete range of batteries, tyres, lubricants, suspension and brake parts of high-quality Japanese and Korean made automobiles. We endeavor to offer our clients the highest possible level of service, and with more than five thousand satisfied customers all over the world, we are proud to be known as the market leaders in the automobile spare parts industry.

 A-MAP, a leading auto spare parts importer in Dubai, directly imports original automotive replacement parts, equipment from the most respected and innovative manufacturers and suppliers operating throughout the global automotive industry. We offer complete automotive parts and service solutions to our clients so that they can focus on running their business. Our automotive parts cater to the needs of automotive professionals, performance buffs, first-time mechanics, fleet supervisors, restoration hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts and ‘I need it now’ retailers.


Our customers sit at the core of our business model and all our processes revolve around the needs and demands of our customers, ensuring high-quality customer servicing. The Research & Development team and Quality division set up by A-MAP is to focus efforts in the direction of Applied Research, which is aimed at

  • facilitation of improvement of the current product line
  • improvement of operating procedures and
  • development of future products

The R&D helps the organization align itself proactively to the ever-changing market dynamics, customer preferences, and technological advances.

Commitment to Society

A-MAP is a green enthusiast and environment means a lot to us. Therefore, we have community engagement as an integral part of our strategy. With the motto of ‘safety first’ we establish the safest work settings at our warehouses. A-MAP provides health and safety training to all our employees. Our processes strictly follow Proper Waste Management System and Recycling. A-MAP also educates its clients about the products know-how and their usage and safety precautions to minimize any hazard or risk.

Choose A-MAP for all your automotive needs. We are committed to continually educate our dedicated team of experts on current automotive trends and provide our clients with authentic products and support.